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GoRV give an in depth review on the Caravan Rollout Awning Anchor Kit.  The video shows how to setup using the Rollout Awning Anchor kit, and the advantages to using this system.  The proven Ground Dog screw in pegs, and unique Anchor Plates and Safety Springs, are a fundatmental part of the kit.

Purchase a Rollout Awning Anchor Kit, for value for money, and peace of mind knowing that your caravan is safely secured.

Manufactured from high grade stainless steel the shape and design of these Ground Dog screw in pegs will anchor almost anything anywhere – they have some serious “Bite“.

Highly resistant to rusting, Ground Dog screw in tent pegs provide a long term solution that is easy to insert and remove.  These screw in tent pegs are available individually, or as part of the tie down awning anchor kits that will fit almost any gazebo, caravan awning, motorhome or RV awning on the market.

Ground Dog screw in peg

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The Outback Tracks range of products continues to grow.  We are continuously striving to find solutions to make caravan and camping more enjoyable.

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After discovering the Ground Dog screw in pegs, The Feel Good Family were so impressed with the product that they contacted Outback Tracks about becoming our Brand Ambassadors.  Since then the partnership has grown from strength to strength!   
The Feel Good Family

Hello, we are Katie, Paul and Jasper Guerin. In September 2019 we packed up our lives and hit the road for full time travel around Australia.

After a 4 year journey to create our family and long hours spent working our corporate roles we started to wonder if there was a better way. After Jasper was born our perception of what really mattered changed and we realised our most precious commodity was time. We wanted to create more time together as a family, and spend our days sharing experiences and making memories to last a lifetime.

What seemed like a crazy idea at the time set in motion a 2 year plan to pack up our lives, downsize our ‘stuff’ and explore this great country of ours travelling Australia full time in a caravan.

Each week we produce an episode of our Family Travel Australia series for our YouTube Channel and free to air TV, as well as a weekly Podcast that showcases destinations and experiences around Australia, together with our daily lifestyle.

You can join The Feel Good Family’s journey around Australia by visiting

Outback Tracks


Outback Tracks is an Australian owned family business operating since 2015.

As fellow Aussie adventurers, we have setup camp in some pretty amazing locations. Whether you are camping, caravanning or 4W Driving, we stock a range of tried and tested products that we have personally found useful during our travels.

We have a range of anchor kits to suit all types of Gazebos, Caravan awnings, RV & Motorhome awnings. We are constantly expanding the range of very useful caravan, camping & 4WD accessories.

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Hear what people are saying about the Outback Tracks products

We bought the caravan awning anchor kit at our local market in Strathalbyn SA. I must admit I wasn’t sure how the Ground Dogs were going to work. We are heading to Uluru for two weeks so thought we better take the van for a trial run; and what a perfect time to roll out the awning and test these guys out. WOW I’m amazed at how well they work! So easy to put in the ground and remove, and the strength of the ground dog is crazy. I’m totally onboard and will be showing and telling everyone.

Matt C - South Australia

As a newbie, the awning anchor kit saved my bacon by holding down the awning of a rented camper during a huge storm at Dungog – could have been and expensive lesson for me. Thanks, fantastic product.

Rob K - Sydney NSW

When off camping, having to remember to pack a hammer or mallet is not a big deal. But, I already have my caravan stabiliser leg brace with me, and ground dogs are so much easier to install than hammering pegs into the ground. I enjoy the piece of mind knowing that the ground dogs aren’t going to let go in a wind in the middle of the night, and I don’t need to remember where the hammer or mallet is.

Easy to use, strong grip and easy to pack away. No hammer means one less tool to take camping. That’s a win. 

Rob N - Brisbane QLD

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