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When Should I Tie Down My Caravan Awning?

Why Do I Need a Tie Down Kit? An awning tie down kit may sound so simple that it may seem unnecessary. However, experience has shown us that you can never be too sure when it comes to the great Australian outdoors and its ability to throw any number of challenges at you, quite suddenly. […]

Camping on the Coast – How to Prepare

Camping on the Australian coastline is one of the most amazing outdoor experiences the country has to offer. Whether it’s about watching the sun go down as your campfire comes to life or enjoying a quiet cookout with family and friends by the ocean under the moon light, camping by the beach has something for […]

How to Care for Tie Downs and Cam buckles

Most of us are city dwellers, which means that experiencing the great outdoors is something of a special occasion, something we get to do once in a while to get away from the drudgery of urban spaces. At Outback Tracks, we are passionate about everything camping related. We encourage our customers to go for the […]

Tips for Tying Down Your Camping Equipment Properly

Tie Down Your Awning The Right Way Setting up camp can seem a bit intimidating at first. You find yourself standing there, tie down kit in hand, wondering where the first peg should go, how the straps are supposed to tie to the awning that’s above your head. Luckily, Outback Tracks has you covered. We’ve […]

What to Look for in an Awning Tie Down Kit

Features of Quality Awning Tie Down Kits A good tie down kit does more than simply hold your awning down. Quality equipment is designed to evenly distribute tension across your camper awning, holding it in place without causing tears and bends in the mounting brackets. Tie down straps should offer plenty of length so they […]

Benefits of a Screw-in Peg

Common Types of Tent Pegs It might not seem like much, but choosing the right tent peg can make or break your dream camping trip. Here are the pros and cons of the most common pegs on the market. Bent Wire Pegs These are the typical, stock pegs which come with every tent and awning. […]

Queensland Caravan & Camping Show 2021

Camping Gear Tried and Tested by The Family Outback Tracks is an Australian, family-owned business established in 2015. We stock the best range of in-house and premium brand awning hooks, screw in pegs and tie down kits for every kind of adventure. As a family that loves outdoor expeditions, we have personally tried and tested […]