Camping on the Coast – How to Prepare

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Aug 25, 2021

Camping on the Australian coastline is one of the most amazing outdoor experiences the country has to offer. Whether it’s about watching the sun go down as your campfire comes to life or enjoying a quiet cookout with family and friends by the ocean under the moon light, camping by the beach has something for everyone.

To ensure a truly memorable experience, the team at Outback Tracks has put together a handy list of things to consider before hitting the sandy beaches. Here’s how best to prepare for a coastline adventure.

Protect Your Phone

Even in the great outdoors, your smartphone will be with you, no matter where you go. It can be a great tool for navigation and your best bet in an emergency situation. Protect your phone from sand and moisture by keeping it in a simple zip lock bag.


Setting up a camp in sand is easy enough if certain factors are taken into consideration. When choosing a spot, always ensure that the ground below is not too damp or loose. Pick a location which is beyond the high tide water mark. This is a situation where the quality of your tent pegs will really show. We recommend the Ground Grabba screw-in sand pegs which have an aggressive bite and taper to them, making them perfect for drilling into sand. Get your hands on local tide charts and check the weather forecast to know as much as you can about the weather conditions you’re going to face.

Maintaining Your Equipment

Camping on beaches involves exposing your tie downs and Cam buckles to corrosive sand and salt water. Make sure that your equipment is properly cleaned and lubricated before and after your trip to keep it lasting for years.

Sun Shelter

You’ve set up your camp to keep you comfortable at night, but what about finding shelter during the day? Enjoying the coast means being exposed to the sun which can be extremely harsh during certain times of the year.

The team at Outback Tracks highly recommends securing any sun shelter when on the beach weather it’s a Gazebo, Car awning or a simple tarp canopy Ground Dogs sand pegs are the best way to anchor your shelter for shade to relax in during the day.

Building a Camp Fire on the Beach

Building a campfire on sand can be challenging because of the strong winds that blow across the beach. To get your fire going, dig a large circular pit about half a foot deep and line it with rocks to create a wind barrier that will give you a chance to get your fire going and prevent it from burning out too quickly.

If you have a fire pit it’s also a good idea to place it in a hole and form a mound of sand on the side the wind is coming from to ack as a wind break.

Durable, Tried and Tested Camping Gear

At Outback Tracks, we are passionate about everything outdoors. Our mission it to equip you with everything you need to make sure your experience is safe and secure. Visit our website today to see our range of products and order online!

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