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Tips for Tying Down Your Camping Equipment Properly

Tie Down Your Awning The Right Way

Setting up camp can seem a bit intimidating at first. You find yourself standing there, tie down kit in hand, wondering where the first peg should go, how the straps are supposed to tie to the awning that’s above your head. Luckily, Outback Tracks has you covered. We’ve been through it all in the Outback, so here are some tips on how to secure your equipment with the easy-to-use Ground Dog awning tie down system.

Make sure your caravan or motorhome is level, use levelling ramps if necessary. This simple step can make all the difference to your setup.

Make sure you use the stabiliser legs before continuing to set up your awning.

Before raising your awning attach the shorter tie down strap over the Barrel or Cassette part of the awning, by passing the cam buckle around and through the pre-made loop at the end of the strap.

Choose the right angle for your awning, remembering to angle it downwards slightly if there is a chance of rain. A straight awning could fill up with rainwater in no time and collapse.

Attach Safety Springs to the long webbing strap by passing the looped end of the strap through the one of the loops of the Safety Spring then passing the other end through the webbing loop & tighten.

Attach Tie down strap retainers to the end of the strap that will go through the cam buckle.

Now attach the free end of the strap to the shorter one making sure you put the strap through the cam buckle the correct way. Don’t tighten it yet.

Decide on the position of the Ground Dog screw-in peg and Hook Collar, Around 30cm in front of the legs on Fiamma & Thule Type Awnings and around a metre in front of barrel type awnings.

Once the Ground dog screw is in the ground, connect the Safety Spring to the Hook Collar.

HOT TIP: Sometime the ground can be as hard as concrete, keep a 12mm Masonry Bit with you and simply pre drill the hole! 

Tighten the Tie Down straps firmly being careful to only distort the Safety Spring slightly.

Repeat the process for the other end of the awning.

For Barrel type awnings, if you decide to stand you Awning legs vertically, use the leg anchor plates, simply attach the plate by passing it through and over the attaching bar on the bottom of the Awning leg then screw in a Ground Dog with Wing Collar through each hole in the plate.

If the ground is so hard that the you can’t drive the Ground Dog all the way in, don’t worry its doing its job, simply wind the wing collar down to the plate.

The World’s Best Tie-Down Camping Gear

When it comes to choosing the right gear to secure and hold down your campsite, settle for nothing less than the best. That’s why at Outback Tracks, we provide the best equipment and expertise to help you experience the best that Caravanning and camping gear can be. Visit our website for an in depth look at our product range including awning tie down kits, screw in pegs, door extension latches and awning hooks.

Different types of Screw-in Peg kept on grass ground

Benefits of a Screw-in Peg

Common Types of Tent Pegs

It might not seem like much, but choosing the right tent peg can make or break your dream camping trip. Here are the pros and cons of the most common pegs on the market.

Bent Wire Pegs

These are the typical, stock pegs which come with every tent and awning. Bent wire pegs have a simple design and come in different lengths and thicknesses but they are limited in what they can do.

They are versatile enough to handle some of the challenges thrown at them, but come up short when used in sand. Heavy loads can easily bend them, especially when driven into hard ground.

Strike-Through Tent Pegs

Some strike-through pegs are designed to look like bent-wire pegs, giving them extra surface area to hammer down. But these are often no less prone to bending than a traditional bent-wire peg. All in all, not that much better than bent wire pegs. They are bulky and difficult to store.

Why Are Screw-In Pegs Better?

Probably the best innovation in camp set up equipment, screw-in pegs have excellent grip, are easy to insert, and smaller in size.

Screw-in pegs need a driver to be inserted, like a battery drill or impact gun, making them much easier to set up.

They come in plastic and metal, with different diameters, for various soil types. Screw-in pegs come with loads of attachments, so whether you’re looking to set up a ground tarp, tent, or awning, these attachments make it all possible.

Types of Screw In Pegs

Batten Screws and Coach Bolts have a small shaft that is small in diameter. The narrow thread and lack of tapering doesn’t provide sufficient traction in loose ground. The threads wear away easily and rust is a constant problem. Batten screws require constant replacing, and for all that effort, they’re not very effective.

While plastic screws might seem like a better option because of their lower weight and apparent ease of use, they just won’t last very long.

The head begins to wear away easily, the threads are not cut very deep, giving them less grip, and if you’re trying to camp in hard ground, they could simply snap.

Benefits of Ground Dog Screw-In Pegs

G2 Ground Dogs (our second generation) have been designed in Australia by Outback Tracks from the ground up. They can be used in the widest possible ground types, from soft sandy grass covered soil through to the hardest ground.

They are unlike all other so-called “screw in pegs”

They are not batten screws or coach bolts dressed up as screw in pegs!

Ground Dog screw-in pegs are purpose built to get you through any situation. The idea was to keep it simple, and improve upon a familiar screw-in design.

  • Made from marine grade stainless steel.
  • Tapered shaft allowing peg to “lock in” as it penetrates the ground.
  • No need to drive in at an angle.
  • Self-drilling tip for better penetration in hard ground.
  • Large LEFT-HAND thread for better holding power in.
  • Thread stops 20mm below head to allow Hook Collar to free rotate.
  • 19 mm head, so same socket as stabiliser legs can be used.
  • Manual winder for stabiliser legs can also be used.
  • Easy in, even easier to get out.
  • Each Ground Dog comes Cocomplete with a Hook Collar.

Ground Dog Screw in pegs are 250 mm long, making them the right length for all kinds of conditions. We prefer to travel light, so a length means we’ve got all possibilities covered, with less to carry.

Ground so hard you’re only able to get the peg in halfway into the ground? No problem, No need to try and force it in any further, it’s locked in, simply wind the locking nut down to ground level and you’ve got all the support you need.

Professional Camping Gear at Outback Tracks

Contact the team at Outback Tracks for more in-depth information about the right gear for your next caravanning, camping and 4WD adventure. Or visit our website to see our product range and order online!

Queensland Caravan & Camping Show 2021

Camping Gear Tried and Tested by The Family

Outback Tracks is an Australian, family-owned business established in 2015. We stock the best range of in-house and premium brand awning hooks, screw in pegs and tie down kits for every kind of adventure.

As a family that loves outdoor expeditions, we have personally tried and tested every product that we offer. Anything you buy comes with our seal of approval.

Whether you are into extreme 4WD off-road exploits or laid-back, scenic camping trips, we have the tips, tricks, and equipment you need to make your journeys something special.

Outback Track

Pro Tips for Surviving the Australian Outback

Australia’s wild backyard is one of the most stunning landscapes on the planet. Proper camping in the outback is a lifechanging experience and we can’t get enough of it.

It can also be a dangerous place, where being unprepared can prove costly. To keep your trip safe and exciting, we’ve put together some tips using our personal experiences which could save you a lot of time, money and trouble.

Handling the Heat

The outback can be incredibly hot in the summer with temperatures hitting 45-50°C. Even during cooler times of the year, strong winds can dehydrate a person before they realise what’s happening.

We all know how important water is, you need plenty of it. But water alone isn’t enough to replenish the salts and minerals your body loses. We recommend carrying rock salt and plenty of limes in your luggage. A pinch or two of rock salt and the juice of one lime added to a bottle of water will instantly replenish critical salts and minerals like sodium chloride, potassium and magnesium lost due to sweating.

Research shows that even mild dehydration reduces brain function by 15%. So, if you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.

Set Your Tent Up Properly

Equipment Check:

When it comes to tents, missing out on even one small piece of equipment can complicate things. Always do a tent check before you set out.

  • Tent body (main structure)
  • Tent pegs
  • Tent poles
  • Tent fly
  • Tarpaulin

Practice at Home:

Not the most exciting process, but we can guarantee that learning how to set up your tent in the comfort of your home before setting off on your camping trip is a lot easier than learning the hard way out in the elements.

Proper Tent Pegs and Awning Hooks Make the Difference:

Your tent, awning and gazebo rely almost entirely on the pegs holding them down. Overlooking this simple bit of gear can lead to disaster. Keep the roof over your head out there with our all-purpose Ground Dogs tent pegs. Unlike traditional pegs, Ground Dogs are screw in pegs which screw deep into the ground, are rust-proof, and hold your camp in place in the harshest conditions. It’s no wonder that extreme campers swear by these pegs.

Queensland Caravan & Camping Show 2021

The Outback Tracks team will be featuring our products and sharing our knowledge with the camping community at The Let’s Go Queensland Caravan & Camping Supershow (2 – 7 June 2021). Over 220 exhibitors will showcase the latest in caravans, motorhomes, campervans and camping gear.

Come see us at the event for more in-depth conversations about caravanning, camping and 4WD adventures. You can also visit our website to see our product range and order online!


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