With Paul Pont

The Ground Dogs were developed by avid Aussie camper, Paul Pont. While helping a friend take down a caravan annex that had been in place for 3 months, Paul became frustrated by how long it took him to get the old rusted tent pegs out of the ground. It took him so long because they were rusted into the ground and then bent coming out to the point they could not be used again. Thinking there must be a better way, Paul searched for an alternative to hammer in pegs.

Having tried a range of other screw in pegs I realised that none of them were durable enough or suited to a wide enough range of ground types. They would either wear out, strip the thread, snap the heads off, not penetrate the ground or pulled out too easily. I started playing around with my own designs and realised the only way was to make a quality peg from quality materials

This is when he came up with Ground Dogs. A purpose built screw in peg for all occasions. It is a very simple design, and the concept is not new. Essentially it is a very large stainless steel screw that is just the right size, length, and shape that will drill in and out of almost any ground surface.


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Awning Tie Down Kit
To suit Fiamma & Thule awnings

Ground Dogs
Caravan Awning Anchor Kit

Ground Dogs
Individual Screw in Pegs


Ground Dogs Screw In Tent Pegs

Stainless Steel

Made from a high-quality marine grade stainless steel material ensures they will not rust, and are incredibly strong so it’s easy to get in and out.


Ground Dogs are just the right length to suit all types of ground and means you don’t need different length pegs for different applications.

Shaped Thread 

The tapered thread is cut into the shaft and the fluting is wider and longer so they drill in and hold firmly in a wide range of soils and with withstand high winds.

Locking Nut

Made from a high-quality marine grade stainless steel material ensures they will not rust, and are incredibly strong so it’s easy to get in and out.


Ground Dogs vs Tent Pegs

The traditional hammer-in tent pegs have been around forever and will work in quite a lot of cases, but let’s face it, it can be hard work to hammer them in, and in some cases even harder to get them back out. You also need a different size peg for different applications, meaning you need to carry around a whole lot more pegs. Many of us end up with a collection of bent pieces of steel. If the ground is extremely hard, you will be hard pressed to even get them in at all.

Watch the video below to see Paul & Judd in the Tent Peg Challenge. Filmed at a recent Caravan show, the boys show how hard it is to hammer in a traditional tent peg in comparison to the Ground Dogs.


What people are saying about Ground Dogs

We bought the caravan awning anchor kit at our local market in Strathalbyn SA. I must admit I wasn’t sure how the Ground Dogs were going to work. We are heading to Uluru for two weeks so thought we better take the van for a trial run; and what a perfect time to roll out the awning and test these guys out. WOW I’m amazed at how well they work! So easy to put in the ground and remove, and the strength of the ground dog is crazy. I’m totally onboard and will be showing and telling everyone. 10/10

Matt Crist – South Australia


Tie Down

The Ground Dogs can be used independently as an anchor point for any camping application that requires something to be tied down. However, many campers with caravans or motorhomes will use them with awnings. To assist with easy setup of using the Ground Dogs with awnings, Paul has designed a simple and effective tie-down system that compliments the Ground Dogs and is very easy to fit.

Awning Leg
Anchor Plate

The full awning kit contains two specially designed plates that will fit most roll out awnings such as Dometic and Carefree awnings and effectively acts as a clamp that will fit into the base of the awning leg and hold it securely in place. A Ground Dog is then used on either side to hold it firmly on the ground. You can then attach the straps as shown above for added security.

Awning Leg Anchor Plate Kit