Ground Dogs
Screw in Tent Pegs & Awning Anchor Kits
for ALL your anchoring needs

One thing we have all struggled with over the years is finding a tent peg for all occasions.  It doesn’t matter if you prefer a caravan, motorhome, tent or camper trailer, at one stage you will need to use a tent peg to pin something down.  Whether it’s for the tarp or to stabilise the awning, chances are, you will probably have struggled with the right tent peg for the job.


Our simple yet very effective screw-in tent pegs can be used to anchor anything almost anywhere including all types of ground, from soft sand to ground as hard as concrete.

We are excited to be showcasing the Ground Dogs product range at the upcoming Motorhome Caravan and Leisure Show, October 9-11 in Hamilton. Come down and see us at stand 621 to view a demo of our product and see for yourself why Ground Dogs is a must assessor for your travels.

Ground Dogs Available at the Show

Awning Tie Down Kit,
to suit Fiamma & Thule awnings

Ground Dogs,
Caravan Awning Anchor Kit

Ground Dogs, Stainless
Steel Screw In Pegs with “Bite”

The idea

The Ground Dogs were developed by avid Aussie camper, Paul Pont.  While helping a friend take down a caravan annex that had been in place for 3 months, Paul became frustrated by how long it took him to get the old rusted tent pegs out of the ground.  It took him so long because they were rusted into the ground and then bent coming out to the point they could not be used again.  Thinking there must be a better way, Paul searched for an alternative to hammer in pegs.

Having tried a range of other screw in pegs I realised that none of them were durable enough or suited to a wide enough range of ground types. They would either wear out, strip the thread, snap the heads off, not penetrate the ground or pulled out too easily. I started playing around with my own designs and realised the only way was to make a quality peg from quality materials

This is when he came up with Ground Dogs. A purpose built screw in peg for all occasions. It is a very simple design, and the concept is not new. Essentially it is a very large stainless steel screw that is just the right size, length, and shape that will drill in and out of almost any ground surface.

Where to go and how to get there!


Mystery Creek Events Centre
Gate 1, 125 Mystery Creek Road
Mystery Creek, Hamilton 3240, New Zealand

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