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How to Care for Tie Downs and Cam buckles

by admin


Aug 10, 2021

Most of us are city dwellers, which means that experiencing the great outdoors is something of a special occasion, something we get to do once in a while to get away from the drudgery of urban spaces. At Outback Tracks, we are passionate about everything camping related. We encourage our customers to go for the best quality equipment that their budget allows, to reduce maintenance and replacement of gear. Having said that, regular maintenance of your equipment will help it last longer, and prevent unwanted surprises when you go camping.

Tie Down Straps:

Regular maintenance and cleaning of tie down straps will ensure that they maintain their strength and safety for several years.

Begin by inspecting the straps closely. Look for obvious signs of damage like holes, knots and tears. Make sure to look for more subtle wear and tear. Broken stitching may not seem like much at first, but can get significantly worse over time. Check to see if the fabric has been faded by sun damage. Inspect the stitching at load bearing points carefully, ensuring that the ratchets and buckles are not cracked or rusted. Unusual wear patterns in the webbing, especially at load bearing points could be a sign that replacement is necessary.

We believe that the best way to maintain straps and reduce maintenance is to keep them clean. No need for expensive products, we recommend a mix of mild detergent and warm water. Use a good scrub brush to dislodge dirt and debris. Always avoid bleach or any product that could corrode the straps. Here’s a pro tip, after washing, don’t forget to hang the straps so they can dry thoroughly, this will help prevent mildew and fungus once they’re in storage. The best way to store straps is to roll them up and store in your kit bag.

Cam buckle Maintenance:

Cam buckles are an important part of any tie down setup. They come in many different types, sizes and materials.

Cam buckles are usually galvanized or made with stainless steel.

Make sure to check load bearing points for cracks and dents regularly. For those living near the coast, stainless steel is a better option since saltwater can corrode galvanized turnbuckles within no time.

Cam buckle maintenance can be very easy if carried out immediately after use and stored correctly. We recommend a simple combination of WD-40 and a fine microfiber cloth to wipe away debris, lubricate the mechanism and also prevent rust and corrosion.

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