At Outback Tracks we provide a range of caravan camping and 4×4 accessories that you will find useful on the road or setting up camp at your favourite spot. Relax knowing everything is secure. Whether you are anchoring a tarp, your tent, or caravan awning with our Ground Dogs – we have you covered.

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Our Range of Playground Accessories

Outback Tracks is your go-to destination for playground accessories that will elevate your outdoor playtime to new heights! We understand the joy and excitement of spending time in an outdoor playground and that's why we offer high-quality accessories to enhance the fun and safety of your play area.

Outdoor Playground Accessories

Transform your outdoor playground into a haven of excitement and adventure with our top-notch playground accessories. Whether you're a parent looking to create a safer and entertaining space for your children or a community seeking to upgrade your play area, we have an ideal anchoring solution for you.

Secure Your Trampoline with the Trampoline Storm Anchor Kit

Our trampoline kit is a must-have accessory for trampoline owners. We know safety is paramount. Our kit ensures your trampoline remains securely anchored to the ground, even during strong winds and adverse weather conditions. With the 19mm socket included in the trampoline kit, installation is a breeze, providing you with peace of mind while your little ones jump and play.

Benefits of the Trampoline Storm Anchor Kit

Our Trampoline Storm Anchor Kit offers unparalleled stability, minimising the risk of the trampoline tipping over during extreme weather. Designed to handle varying soil types, it provides a reliable solution to keep your trampoline firmly rooted, preventing any potential accidents or damage. Now you can focus on having fun without any worries.

Safety is Number 1

Trust Outback Tracks for children's play equipment safety. We prioritise the well-being of safety above all else. With years of experience and expertise in providing high-quality anchoring solutions, we ensure that our products are of the highest standards. Your child's safety is our top priority, making us the reliable choice for children's play equipment safety. Find directions to your nearest retail stockist or simply place your order online directly with us.

Outback Tracks stocks anchoring solutions for trampolines, which includes the ground dog screw in pegs. See our Trampoline Storm Anchor Kit today! Contact us online or call 07 3171 8721. We ship worldwide!