Screw In Pegs Value Pack

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If you’re gearing up for your next adventure, the Screw In Pegs Value Pack is your go-to anchoring solution. Picture this: you’re in the outback, setting up camp, and suddenly you encounter hard ground – not a problem! Our 250mm stainless steel Ground Dog screw in peg is here to save the day. For those soft or wet conditions, especially after a good downpour, the 350mm Alloy Big Dog screw in peg has got your back. And when the wind starts to play tricks, trust the 120mm Ground Puppy screw in peg to keep your ground mat securely in place, and a secure mat reduces the chance of tripping. It’s the ultimate anchoring arsenal for any occasion! Grab this bundle of reliability today and save – because when it comes to outdoor equipment from Outback Tracks, it’s all about buying once and buying right! ⛺????️

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The Kit includes:

4 x Ground Dog stainless steel 250mm screw in pegs with Hook Collars

2 x Big Dog Alloy 350mm screw in pegs

4 x Ground Puppy stainless steel 120mm screw in pegs

1 x 19mm Socket & Drill Adaptor

1 x Canvas zip bag

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Weight 1.96 kg
Dimensions 36 × 16 × 9 cm


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