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Ground Dog screw in pegs 10 Pack with Canvas Zip Bag


Product Code : GD1R

This 10 pack of stainless steel Ground Dog screw in pegs with orange Hook Collars come in a quality black canvas zip bag, and we have included a BONUS 19mm Socket with Drill Adaptor.

Best screw in tent pegs on the market!  The pegs are 250mm long, made of stainless steel, and have a 19mm hex head.  The pegs are suitable for most ground types and are ideal for anchoring caravan awnings, tents, tarps and gazebos.  Each peg is supplied with an orange hook collar which easily attaches to the unique rubber safety spring.


Ground Dog screw in pegs 10 pack

  • 10 x 250mm Ground Dog stainless steel screw in tent pegs
  • Zip canvas bag
  • BONUS 19mm Socket and Drill Adaptor
  • 19mm hex head
  • Thread stops 20mm from hex head (collar can rotate freely)
  • Left thread

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 36 × 15 × 10 cm


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Ground Dog Screw in Pegs



Ground Dog screw in tent pegs 10 pack

Ground Dog Screw in tent pegs are ideal for anchoring in all types of ground

Made from a marine grade stainless steel, the Ground Dog screw in tent pegs are ideal for anchoring anything from caravan awning to gazebos.

The advantage of a Ground Dog screw in peg, is that they reduce setup time considerably.  With a 19mm hex head, you can screw the peg into the ground quickly and easily.

aggressive thread on screw in peg

Aggressive thread

Tapered shaft of screw in peg

Tapered shaft with a self-drilling tip

Hook collar for screw in peg

Hook Collar

Wing collar for screw in peg

Wing Collar

Ground Dog screw in tent peg with safety spring


  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • 250mm long
  • Left thread
  • 19mm hex head
  • Tapered shaft
  • Aggressive thread
  • Use with or without a collar
  • Two styles of collar available (Hook Collar & Wing Collar)