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Tarp Gripper – Each


Single Multi Purpose Tarp Gripper.

This single multi purpose reinforced nylon Tarp Griper can be used with tent poles to secure tarps, to replace a broken eyelet or to prevent an eyelet from tearing out.

The Tarp Gripper is great to pull tarps taught to stop flapping, or water pooling.

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Single Tarp Gripper

Single multi purpose Tarp Gripper:

  • Tarp Gripper
  • Reinforced nylon
  • Corrugated edges for strong hold
  • Wing nut to tighten

Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 5 cm


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Single Tarp Gripper

Single Tarp Gripper

Tarp Gripper Single


  • Corrugated edges to give good grip
  • Tightening mechanism with wing nut to lock and hold securely
  • Made of reinforced Nylon

How to attach the Tarp Gripper to the awning:

Step 1

Unwind wing nut to open mouth of gripper

Step 2

Position the Gripper on either side of the awning material

Step 3

Tighten wing nut on top to secure gripper in place


Step 4

From underneath thread bungee cord through the hole on the Gripper


Step 5

Pull bungee cord over the top of the awning arm


Step 6

Secure bungee cord on hook

Step by step instruction on how to
use the Single Tarp Gripper


  1. Unwind

A Tarp Gripper has many uses…

Single Tarp Gripper
Tarp Grippers are very versitile and can be used to hold ropes and poles in place when an eyelet is damaged or ripped.  You can place a tarp gripper on the edge of your gazebo to hang a torch etc.


See below for more information.

Tarp Gripper



Single Tarp Gripper

The Tarp Gripper is a multi purpose gripper.


The Tarp Gripper has many uses, it can be used with tent poles to secure a tarps or tent, or used to replace a broken eyelet on a tarps, or to prevent an eyelet from tearing out.

The Tarp Gripper is made from reinforced nylon right here in Australia.