Stay Anchored in the sand: Why Sand Dog screw in pegs™ are your beach day essential

by Sue


Jun 26, 2024

Australia’s beautiful weather and abundant sunshine make it perfect for an outdoor lifestyle, and nothing captures this more than a day at the beach. However, a fun beach day can quickly turn frustrating if the wind picks up and your beach shelter takes flight, scattering your belongings everywhere.

After facing this issue firsthand, the Outback Tracks team saw the need for a reliable and secure anchoring system for beach setups. This led to the creation of the Sand Dog screw in pegs™.

Why Choose the Sand Dog screw in pegs™?

Made from Glass Reinforced Nylon, the Sand Dog screw in pegs™ are designed to withstand the elements. It is built to last, making it an essential item for your beach trips.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry: The peg is lightweight, ensuring it won’t add unnecessary weight to your beach bag.

Secure Hold: At 450mm long, the peg features an aggressive thread that penetrates deep into the sand, providing a strong and secure hold for your beach shelter.

Easy Installation

The Sand Dog screw in pegs™ features a 19mm hex head, enabling effortless insertion into sand using a drill. Don’t have a drill on hand? No worries! The peg’s handle includes a hole for fitting a screwdriver or pipe, allowing you to manually screw it into the sand using both hands.

Versatile and Convenient Design

Additionally, the handle of the Sand Dog screw in pegs™ are equipped with a double hook, allowing easy attachment of a rubber Safety Spring, Tie Down Strap, or guy ropes. This feature proves especially helpful when manually screwing the peg into the sand.

Peace of Mind

Imagine a day at the beach where you can truly relax, without the worry of your beach shelter flying away. With the Sand Dog screw in pegs™, you can lounge on your beach chair, confident that your sun shelter is securely anchored.

Don’t Leave Home Without It

For your next beach day, make sure you pack your sunscreen and your Sand Dog screw in pegs™. With Sand Dog screw in pegs™, you can look forward to many peaceful and enjoyable days at the beach, no matter how windy it gets.

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