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Top Caravan Camping Tips for Beginners

by admin


Nov 10, 2021

There’s nothing quite like pulling out of your driveway, ready to hit the open road by yourself or with your family with a caravan home in tow. The feeling of endless possibility and powerful sense of adventure can be intoxicating. A caravan adventure is for the whole family, and in preparing for one, certain things need to be carefully considered to make sure things go smoothly. Here are some of our best tips to make your journey as smooth and exhilarating as possible!

The All-Important Checklist

Not the most exciting way to begin planning for a trip, but we can’t stress this one enough. Get a pen and notebook and start making your checklist that you can keep referring to. We are still always surprised at how much we need to buy before hitting the road, so here’s a list of commonly forgotten essential safety items to get you started!

Fire extinguisher

Spare tyre

Wheel jack


First-aid kit


Mosquito repellent

Personal Water Purifier



Fan belt

Duct tape


Tyre pressure

Your checklist is your friend! Make sure you keep updating it, adding to it, and crossing things off only when they are on board your vehicle and ready to go!

The Importance of a Clear Driving Strategy

Patience is the key to a long caravan journey. Driving with a caravan in tow takes some getting used to as both steering and handling feel very different on all kinds of roads. Driving at a slow, steady pace is an excellent way to keep your average speed up and cover long distances quickly. This is also the best way to conserve fuel and keep your costs down.

Always plan to leave early in the morning. This may be difficult for some, and there are always delays, but it is best to be on the road during daylight hours for better visibility. We recommend driving during the hours when you are most alert, wrapping up your drive for the day as evening sets in so you can rest and recuperate. Night time journeys take a lot more energy per hour of driving and mistakes become much more likely.

Involve Your Companions in The Journey

Interpersonal dynamics are fascinating to observe on long journeys. A road trip can bring out the best and worst in all of us, so it is important to be aware of and attentive to not only the needs of others, but yours as well. Consider what each person brings to the table and let them take ownership of a particular task or responsibility during the trip. If someone is navigating, help them with everything they need to make their job easier. Give children small responsibilities that keep them engaged and occupied on long journeys. If you are the only one driving, don’t load yourself up with too much to do. Make everyone part of the process of turning the trip into something truly special.

Awning Tie Down Kits, Hooks and Screw-In Pegs

Planning that epic caravan adventure with your family? Make sure to contact the experts at Outback Tracks for in depth advice on what you need (and don’t need). Our line of awning tie down kits, screw-in pegs and anchor systems ensures that your camper home can withstand anything Australia throws at it. Visit our website for more information and order online!

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