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Ultimate Guide to the Most Useful Camping Gear

by admin


Oct 10, 2021

Camping Gear, Recommended by Experienced Campers

You could spend many hours (and far too much money) looking through endless lists featuring attractive new camping gear. We’ve been through it ourselves, making purchases that seemed perfect at the time, only to realise how impractical they were in the field. Outback Tracks saves you time with a short but sweet list of useful camping equipment that we absolutely love.

Personal Water Filter

No matter where your journey takes you, it is always recommended that you carry a supply of fresh, drinkable water stored in an appropriate container. Even with a good supply of water, things can always go wrong and you may find yourself in a situation where extra measures have to be taken. Dehydration can set in quickly and can cause the mind and body to deteriorate quickly, impairing the ability to think and act quickly. Always keep a personal water filter handy which filters 99.999% of all contaminants, allowing you to drink from a water from a source that would ordinarily be too dangerous to consume.

High Visibility Head Lamp

Carrying a flashlight for a camping trip is always important. But most of us don’t consider how inconvenient it can be to have one hand occupied with a light while trying to tie down a strap or fix an awning in darkness. A simple solution would be to invest in a comfortable head lamp with a high luminosity (300 lumens is plenty). Head lamps usually come with plenty of battery power and really make life a lot easier by keeping both your hands free.

Solar Panel Charger

We know the feeling, all you want is to be left to yourself in the great outdoors, away from the modern life. But there’s a family waiting at home, a potential work email that needs your attention. You can’t just turn your phone off and tune out. Instead of carrying multiple battery packs, or turning your vehicle on once a day to charge up your phone, consider a solar panel charger with a fast charging port so you can stay connected in a simple, easy way.

Portable GPS Device

For the truly adventurous, who like to roam well beyond the reach of cell phone towers, there is nothing better than a dedicated GPS navigation and communication system. A well-built device should come preloaded with maps, high visibility for ease of use during night time, long battery life and easy connectivity to find help during emergencies. No off grid traveler should leave home without it.

Ground Dogs G2 Rollout Awning Anchor Kit

While it may be called an awning tie down kit, we believe that the G2 Kit is versatile enough to make any tie down requirement easy. The convenient canvas zip bag contains 6 marine steel grade screw in pegs, wing and hook collars, strap retaining clips, hi-viz cam buckle straps, safety springs and more. It has everything you need to tie down a tent, awning, roof luggage or even a makeshift tarp in an emergency situation. Never leave home without it!

Premium Camping Gear and Expert Advice

Outback Tracks takes great pride in educating and assisting Australians with outdoor adventures that are safe and exciting. We have decades of experience with equipment and are passionate about sharing what we know. Contact us today for our range of products, or to have a chat about life in the wilderness!

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