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What are Door Latch Extensions Used For

by admin


Oct 25, 2021

Modern caravans have come a long way in the last few decades. With better technology and more amenities than ever, they are designed for long range travel and different levels of comfort and luxury.

There is, however, a seemingly small but common problem in nearly all caravan designs. The main window is difficult to keep open when the main door is also open. When the weather is beautiful, its nice to be able to keep the door and windows open for extra ventilation, and being unable to do so can make this small design issue a frustrating feature of your trip.

Luckily, an incredibly simple solution to this problem is the Door Latch Extension available at the Outback Tracks store. Here’s how it works!
Standard design in most caravans means that the window of the main living area is too close to the door frame. Most manufacturers use a short latch that fits perfectly into the door frame, but are too short or have no system of adjustment.

Door Latch extensions like the ones we stock give you the ability to extend the length of your door latch, allowing you to keep your door and window open at the same time, without any modifications.

Although they look simple, the Door Latch extension is made in Australia from 30% fiberglass, making it incredibly durable and subtle in appearance.

Each Door Latch extension comes with an easily adjustable twist lock nut that lets you shorten the length of your latch just the way you like it. Designed with a spacer ring which allows it to be fit on any sized caravan door latch, the extension was designed with all kinds of caravans in mind. It fits neatly into the wireframe latch found on most caravans and has enough adjustable clearance for even the longest caravan windows.

Once you use this simple extension, you won’t be able to imagine life without it. Use this to open up your windows and doors on a humid camping day, or give yourself plenty of ventilation when cooking in the kitchen. Enjoy up to 280mm of latch extension, allowing you to open a caravan window to its full length. Sometimes, a simple, subtle piece of equipment can add something special to your camping experience and put a smile on your family’s face!

Clever, Convenient Equipment to Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

At Outback Tracks, we like to keep our product line small and focused. For us, it’s all about offering quality over quantity, and our range of clever, convenient, and premium camping equipment speaks for itself. We are committed to making every adventure a memory of a lifetime.

Visit our website for in depth information and tips on how to improve your camping, caravan or 4wd journey. Contact us for more information, or simply order online for speedy delivery all over Australia!

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