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Will your pegs stand the test of time?  Ground Dog screw in pegs will…

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Dec 15, 2022

Will your pegs stand the test of time? Ground Dog screw in pegs will…

Ground Dog screw in peg with hook collar

Caravan and camping holidays are the best, but a simple tent peg can make the world of difference between a good and a bad experience… Ground Dog screw in pegs are quick and easy to use, leaving you with plenty of time to relax, and enjoy family time.

Traditional metal tent pegs

We have all used a straight metal peg while camping, they require a hammer and lots of hard work while being inserted into the ground, and they can be very difficult to remove.  Sometimes all the hard work is wasted when the peg pulls out of the ground, as it has no way of gripping the ground.  When a peg bends while being forced into hard ground, or it rusts, they need to be thrown away.  The straight metal peg blends well with the ground colour and can easily become a tripping hazard or left behind after a trip.

Ground Dog screw in peg

Ground Dog screw in pegs

After years of caravan and camping, Paul from Outback Tracks decided to design a peg that would be strong and easy to use.  The Ground Dog screw in tent peg concept was introduced!  This is a peg that is versatile, strong, and made from stainless steel, so it won’t rust.  The Ground Dog screw in peg has an aggressive thread that is designed to hold firm in many types of soil conditions. The design incorporates a 19mm hex head, which makes it is easy to screw the pegs into the ground, and to remove them, with very little effort.  The brightly coloured orange collar is extremely visible, meaning there’s less chance of stubbing a toe, or leaving the peg behind after the trip.  A strong canvas bag that keeps all your pegs in one place, is also available as an optional extra.

Ground Dog screw in peg features

  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • 250mm long
  • Left thread
  • 19mm hex head
  • Tapered shaft
  • Aggressive thread
  • Use with or without a collar
  • Two styles of collar available (Hook Collar & Wing Collar)
19mm drill socket and adaptor

Two uses – one product

When caravanning weight control is important, and you need to consider the weight of everything that goes in the caravan.  The golden rule is everything that goes in the caravan should have 2 uses.  If you are using ropes and a straight peg to secure the awning you need to take a hammer, which has one use.   However, if you are using a drill, it does two jobs in one, you can use the 19mm socket on both the Ground Dog screw in pegs and the caravan stabilizer legs.

Enjoying life outdoors

Caravanning and camping are all about enjoying the outdoor experience.  It is a time to relax and not overexert yourself.  Ground Dog screw in pegs are the answer.  If you haven’t already, then it is time to invest in some good pegs, that will hold firm in the ground, and stand the test of time.  Ground Dog screw in pegs make for an easy camping setup, they are long lasting, easy to setup, strong, secure and visible.  Once you have a Ground Dog screw in peg you won’t look back.

For more information visit outbacktrack-au.com/ground-dog-screw-in-pegs

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