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Pet Restraint Kit (6 per carton)

Product Code : PRK6W

When you need to anchor your dog securely in one place, the Pet Restraint Kit is the answer. The Kit consists of the tried and tested stainless steel Ground Dog screw in peg, with a hook collar, and the unique rubber safety spring.

Ideal for caravan parks, campsites and parks.

Do not leave your dog unattended while attached to the Pet Restraint Kit, you should be present at all times.

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The Pet Restraint Kit includes:

1 x Ground Dog screw in peg
1 x Rubber Safety Spring

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 28 × 8 × 5 cm


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Pet Restraint Kit



Ground Anchor Pet Kit

Secure your pet with the Pet Restraint Kit

When using the Pet Restraint Kit, the Ground Dog screw in peg will hold firmly in the ground.  The thread on the peg stops 20mm short of the top, allowing the collar to move around freely, this means that the dog can move easily within the circumference of the dog leash.  The rubber safety spring has a little give in it, when pulled on.

Securing your dog like this reduces the risk of them pulling you over in your chair, or pulling over a table etc., this is where most people tend to tie their dogs up while caravan and camping.

Do not leave your dog unattended while attached to the Pet Restraint Kit, you should be present at all times.

Kit includes:

Ground Dog screw in peg with hook collar

Ground Dog Screw-in Peg with hook collar

safety spring

Safety spring

Ground Anchor Pet Kit

How to setup the Pet Restraint Kit

It is quick and easy to setup the Pet Restraint Kit:

  • Screw the Ground Dog peg into the ground
  • Attach the safety spring onto the orange hook collar
  • Loop and secure the dog leash onto the other end of the safety spring
  • Connect the leash onto the dog’s collar or harness
ground dog screw in tent peg with hook collar

Hook Collar

The Hook Collar is used with a Ground Dog screw in peg, when using the high viz straps and safety spring.

The hook collar is an adjustable locking nut that can be varied to suit the depth of the ground.  This means if you can only get half the peg into the ground, simply winding down the locking nut will make it just as effective, and means you don’t have to have the peg all the way in.

rubber safety spring

Safety Spring

Safety springs are a strong and safe alternative to the dangerous common sharp metal spring.