At Outback Tracks we provide a range of caravan camping and 4×4 accessories that you will find useful on the road or setting up camp at your favourite spot. Relax knowing everything is secure. Whether you are anchoring a tarp, your tent, or caravan awning with our Ground Dogs – we have you covered.

Find the Widest Range of Screw in Pegs in Australia

Outback Tracks brings you the ultimate solution for anchoring your outdoor shelters – stainless steel screw in pegs! If you've ever struggled with flimsy tent pegs that bend or pull out easily, our screw in pegs are here to revolutionise your camping experience.

What are Screw In Pegs?

Screw in pegs or tent screws are heavy-duty and reliable ground anchors designed to secure your caravan awnings, tents, tarps, gazebos and more. This makes them the sure-fire choice for anyone camping in different terrains and weather conditions. Our high-quality pegs allow you to say goodbye to the frustration of weak pegs that fail to hold up against hard ground and strong winds.

Anchoring Made Easy

Setting up your outdoor shelter has never been easier! Simply screw the pegs into the ground using a drill or by hand if you prefer. The corkscrew-like design ensures a strong grip, providing maximum stability for your shelter. No more hammering or struggling to get pegs into hard or compacted soils – our hard ground tent pegs make anchoring a quick and effortless process. They’re also just as simple to remove as they are to knock in.

Versatility and Reliability

Our range of pegs is incredibly versatile, making them an essential addition to any camping kit. Whether you're camping on the beach, on rocky terrain or on soft ground, these pegs will securely anchor your shelter in place. Their robust construction ensures that they won't bend or warp under pressure, giving you peace of mind during windy days and stormy nights.

Try Them and See!

Outback Tracks brings you the best in hard ground tent pegs. Don't let unreliable tent pegs ruin your camping experience. Invest in our top-notch pegs and enjoy a worry-free camping journey, knowing your shelter is securely anchored. Say goodbye to bent and inadequate pegs and embrace the convenience and reliability of Outback Tracks' screw in pegs. Secure your camping gear with confidence and focus on making cherished memories in the beauty of nature. Happy camping!

Need drill tent pegs, screw pegs, screw in awning pegs, hard ground tent pegs or other types of tent peg screws? Outback Tracks has them all. See our range today! Contact us online or call 07 3171 9310. We ship worldwide!