4 Methods to Secure Your Trampoline for Stormy Weather

by Sue


Aug 17, 2023

In windy conditions, trampolines are essentially giant kites…Giant dangerous kites that can blow away, cause property damage or worse, harm someone! Having an “average” anchoring solution is just plain risky, so it’s essential to secure it properly. In this blog post, we’ll dive into four ways to anchor your trampoline, ensuring it stays where it belongs – in your yard!

1. Sand Bags: Simple Yet Reliable

One easy option is to place two 20kg sandbags over each U-shaped leg of the trampoline. It’s pretty straightforward to source sandbags, but there are a few downsides: they move easily, especially in rough, windy conditions, and let’s be honest, they don’t exactly add to the aesthetic appeal of your yard.

2. J/U Anchors or Wind Stakes: A Balance of Affordability and Security

If you’re on a budget, J/U anchors or wind stakes are a decent choice. These are long steel anchors that you hammer into the ground. They’re affordable and easy to use, but remember, they’re not reputed for holding strong in high winds compared to other options. They work fine for regular weather conditions, though.

3. Auger Style Anchors with Straps: Maximum Stability

For those seeking top-notch security, auger-style anchors with straps are the way to go. These long threaded pegs are screwed into the ground and attached to straps. They provide excellent stability for your trampoline. However, be prepared for a bit of a workout because screwing them in by hand can be challenging, especially in hard ground. Also, watch out for the straps, as they may pose a trip hazard, particularly for little ones running around the trampoline.

4. Trampoline Storm Anchor Kit by Outback Tracks: The Unbeatable Solution

For the ultimate in hassle-free and highly secure anchoring, the Trampoline Storm Anchor Kit by Outback Tracks takes the spotlight. This comprehensive kit includes specialised brackets tailored to fit snugly over the U-shaped trampoline legs. Coupled with four tapered stainless steel screw-in pegs, your trampoline gains an unyielding grip on the ground. What’s more, these pegs can be effortlessly inserted or removed with the help of a drill, providing unmatched flexibility. Rest assured, this kit will keep your trampoline firmly rooted even in the face of the fiercest storms. The only downfall? You still have to move the trampoline to mow the lawn!  Check them out at

Trampoline Storm Anchor Kit

Trampoline Storm Anchor Kit

Trampoline Storm Anchor Kit

Securing your trampoline properly is essential to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones during stormy weather. Remember, even the sturdiest trampoline needs proper anchoring to withstand strong winds. So, pick the method that suits your location and rest easy, knowing your trampoline won’t take off like a kite during inclement weather conditions. Stay safe and enjoy countless hours of bouncing fun on your securely anchored trampoline


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