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What to Look for in an Awning Tie Down Kit

by admin


Jul 10, 2021

Features of Quality Awning Tie Down Kits

A good tie down kit does more than simply hold your awning down. Quality equipment is designed to evenly distribute tension across your camper awning, holding it in place without causing tears and bends in the mounting brackets. Tie down straps should offer plenty of length so they can work with any size of awning.

Strong winds can quickly and severely damage your awning without the right equipment. Always check the load bearing capacity of your tie down straps to make sure they can handle high winds of speeds up to 40 kmph.

Strength and durability are critical, but the most important factor is ease of use and installation. Make sure that you know how to set up your tie down kit correctly. Practice before you leave for your trip to avoid unwanted surprises out in the wilderness with your family waiting for you to figure it out! Check straps for fraying or tearing and know which loop and knots are the most secure. Check every strap after set up to ensure they have been installed correctly.

Awnings and tie down kits should be a one-time investment. They should always be made with premium materials that are durable and easy to maintain. Awning anchor tie-downs and straps should not attract mildew or rot. Rust and corrosion should never be an issue with quality products. Polypropylene webbing tie down straps and stainless-steel pegs and Springs are a must for any serious camper looking for quality equipment.

This might seem like an obvious one, but tie down kits often have a lot of components. We recommend double checking to make sure your kit includes everything you need. A typical kit will include heavy duty awning tie down straps, camper awning pegs, metal hook pegs, RV awning tie down springs and a metal tension connector.

Ground Dog Awning Tie Down Kits

To put it simply, Ground Dog screw in pegs is so versatile, they can be used as an anchor point for any camping requirement that involves tying something down. Caravan and motorhomes usually have one of a few different types of Awnings. The team at Outback Tracks has two simple and effective tie-down system that works perfectly with the Ground Dog pegs and is easy to install.

The Rollout Awning Anchor Kit

Designed for all barrel type rollout awnings such as Aussie Traveler, Carefree and Dometic brands.

Awning Tie Down Kit

Designed for European cassette type awnings such as Fiamma & Thule as well as the newer electric awnings.

Ground Dog kits include Hi-Viz Tie Down straps with metal cam buckles that work with almost any awning on the market.

Ground Dog kits include safety springs, a strong & safe alternative to dangerous sharp metal springs that give you extra peace of mind.

Outback Tracks highly recommends Safety Springs with any tie down kit to allow for movement in windy conditions which prevents permanent damage to an awning system.

Ground Dog safety springs are manufactured using extremely durable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). These are compact, built to last, and easy to maintain.

The unique Leg Anchor Plates that slot straight in to the bottom of the awning legs, allowing the Awning Legs to be anchored vertically giving you different options on the way you can set up your awning.

Durable and Stress-Free Camping Tie Down Kits

At Outback Tracks, we take pride in ensuring that you get the best quality Caravan, Camping & 4wd products available. To learn more about the World’s Best Awning Tie Down kits, as well as tips on setting up your system, contact our team today or visit us online for our product range and order today.

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