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Tips for Tying Down Your Camping Equipment Properly

by admin


Jul 25, 2021

Tie Down Your Awning The Right Way

Setting up camp can seem a bit intimidating at first. You find yourself standing there, tie down kit in hand, wondering where the first peg should go, how the straps are supposed to tie to the awning that’s above your head. Luckily, Outback Tracks has you covered. We’ve been through it all in the Outback, so here are some tips on how to secure your equipment with the easy-to-use Ground Dog awning tie down system.

Make sure your caravan or motorhome is level, use levelling ramps if necessary. This simple step can make all the difference to your setup.

Make sure you use the stabiliser legs before continuing to set up your awning.

Before raising your awning attach the shorter tie down strap over the Barrel or Cassette part of the awning, by passing the cam buckle around and through the pre-made loop at the end of the strap.

Choose the right angle for your awning, remembering to angle it downwards slightly if there is a chance of rain. A straight awning could fill up with rainwater in no time and collapse.

Attach Safety Springs to the long webbing strap by passing the looped end of the strap through the one of the loops of the Safety Spring then passing the other end through the webbing loop & tighten.

Attach Tie down strap retainers to the end of the strap that will go through the cam buckle.

Now attach the free end of the strap to the shorter one making sure you put the strap through the cam buckle the correct way. Don’t tighten it yet.

Decide on the position of the Ground Dog screw-in peg and Hook Collar, Around 30cm in front of the legs on Fiamma & Thule Type Awnings and around a metre in front of barrel type awnings.

Once the Ground dog screw is in the ground, connect the Safety Spring to the Hook Collar.

HOT TIP: Sometime the ground can be as hard as concrete, keep a 12mm Masonry Bit with you and simply pre drill the hole! 

Tighten the Tie Down straps firmly being careful to only distort the Safety Spring slightly.

Repeat the process for the other end of the awning.

For Barrel type awnings, if you decide to stand you Awning legs vertically, use the leg anchor plates, simply attach the plate by passing it through and over the attaching bar on the bottom of the Awning leg then screw in a Ground Dog with Wing Collar through each hole in the plate.

If the ground is so hard that the you can’t drive the Ground Dog all the way in, don’t worry its doing its job, simply wind the wing collar down to the plate.

The World’s Best Tie-Down Camping Gear

When it comes to choosing the right gear to secure and hold down your campsite, settle for nothing less than the best. That’s why at Outback Tracks, we provide the best equipment and expertise to help you experience the best that Caravanning and camping gear can be. Visit our website for an in depth look at our product range including awning tie down kits, screw in pegs, door extension latches and awning hooks.

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